Deploying WAR files

WAR files deployment in Apache Tomcat

  1. Firstly, save WAR file in any folder where it’s convenient for you. This can be on a folder or to the desktop as well.
  2. Then start Tomcat Monitor. From “Start” menu: ->  All programs ->“Apache Tomcat”-> “Monitor Tomcat”
  3. Right-click on the icon on the system tray (right hand-side of the task bar). Note: the “red square” indicates that server is down, the “green arrow”- server is running.
  4. Choose “Start service” to initiate the server operation
  5. Open the browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox)
  6. Enter http://localhost:8080/manager/html. This should bring up the Tomcat Manager control panel. You will be asked for login and password which have been set during the Tomcat installation.
  7. Scroll the page down and locate the form called “WAR file to deploy”. Fetch the war file using the button “Browse”
  8. Click “Deploy”
  9. A new application should appear in the upper half of the Tomcat manager page (in the list of applications). The application will be called “SAIL”, “SIMS” or “AIMS” accordingly with its running status being “true”.
  10. Click on the application title (SAIL, SIMS or AIMS) in the left column. This will bring up the login page to SAIL, SIMS or AIMS accordingly. The default username and password for AIMS and SIMS are admin, admin
  11. Once you logged in the system is ready to use.
  12. The system is configured with the default values which in principle can be changed via the web form at: http://localhost:8080/SIMS/db/config for SIMS and http://localhost:8080/AIMS/db/config for AIMS.




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